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Copper Rain Gutters

Rain gutter doesn't have to look boring and without a style. We are offering a variety of

At The Rain Gutter, we offer our products in various materials, including zinc, vinyl, brass, galvanized steel, aluminum and, copper. All our products are top range and of the highest quality possible. They guarantee performance and long life service when properly installed and maintained. While all other material will do the job, of course with variations in durability and resistance, we recommend copper products, as they are a more formidable option.

Why Copper Products?

  1. Durability

Copper rain gutters, downspouts and rain chains are far more durable compared to other materials. This is thanks to its oxidation-resistance property that makes it impenetrable to rust. Rain gutters, downspouts, and rain chains are in constant contact with water for most of their use. Where rusting is a possibility especially in the case of seam rain gutters, copper is considerately more rust-resistant, offering you service for a longer time.

  1. Robustness

Copper is a thick and heavy metal, giving it a robust stature. This quality is advantageous to rain chains, downspouts and rain gutters as they face heavy resistance especially in times of a storm. Strong winds, especially during heavy storms, could sway rain chains a great deal. However, copper rain chains are weighty enough to resist the sway.

Also, in times of cleaning and maintenance of the rain gutter and downspouts, ladders are mostly used. As much as it is advised not to lay the ladder on the rain gutter, human is to error. In such situations, you will wish you had copper rain gutters as their robust nature is resistant to bending or denting by the ladder.

  1. Aesthetics

Rain gutters, downspouts and rain chains made of copper look more compact and “in place” compared to their counterparts. They almost look as if they are part and parcel of the house, giving your home a classy and beautiful look. This is especially true to K-style rain gutters whose shape is similar to decorative crown molding. The seaming and connection points at the downspouts are almost invisible when copper material is used.

The Implication

In comparison, rain gutters, downspouts and rain chains made of copper will cost you a little more than those made of aluminum, brass, zinc, stainless steel, galvanized steel or vinyl. However, its advantages far outweigh the financial burden. Copper products guarantee a few more years of service compared to the alternative materials.

For all things copper-made, be sure to contact usfor the best prices and variety in town.