Top to bottom, excellent. I called and for information on a free estimate and almost immediately received an appointment. Kosta came on time for the consultation and called ahead to let me know he would be heading over.

Kosta and Alex took care of my entire house gutter system and adapted to it's strange behaviors with ease and wisdom. I had so many questions to begin with and before the estimate was over all of them were answered. I was learning new information and received new and better ideas from Kosta. At the end of our discussion and after all my questions were answered I received a quote. No waiting, just simple calculations and it was complete.

The quote was reasonable to me but I needed to confer with my wife. Kosta understood and told me to take my time with my decision. Nothing pushy or salesy about this company. My wife agreed and we moved forward. Within a few days (during a very busy rainy moment in LA) I was booked for a day project. The workers came exactly on time, 8am and finished the job exactly when they said they would (2pm). My house is small, so I would imagine other houses/building work is spread out over a few days, but the point is they knew the job and managed their time (and mine) with precision.

Kosta appeared halfway through the day and double-checked the work was properly executed and pretty much brought some good laughs and positive affirmation to his workers and the spirit of the project. Very pleasant and caring people make a big difference to me.

The next two days it rained and I watched, joyously as the rain gutters worked perfectly. Before the gutter work my porch and front of my house were taking on so much water that it was leaking into my house and down the graded crawlspace to my basement. There is none of that anymore. Porch is dry, crawlspace is dry and the gutters look / work great.

Can't thank you all enough!