Spring: The Month Where You Absolutely Have To Keep Your Gutters in Top Shape

Taking care of gutters on your house cannot be avoided if you hope to increase your home’s lifespan. Gutters protect the walls from water during the rainy or snowy seasons. While it is advisable to keep the gutters in good shape at all times, it is advisable to take extra care especially during spring.

How exactly do you do this? Here is a comprehensive guide to guide you:

Does your roof have any debris?

Check your roof and gutters regularly for any large debris. If there is any debris on your roof, remove it using the appropriate tools and equipment and ensure that you do not interfere with the roof surface or the gutters. It is advisable to use a plastic scooping tool, as it does not have any impact on your gutters, roof, or your hands.

How is the flow of water?

When you have a smooth gutter system, all the water collected from the roof can be drained appropriately through operational downspouts. Are your downspouts working well? If not, the water collected from the roof will not be moved away and may stagnate in the gutters making them rust and wear away hence, shortening their lifespan.

Rinse away any fine particles

Have you checked your gutters for accumulation of fine particles? Such particles have adverse impacts on how well the gutters operate. If there is continuous accumulation of such particles, then chances are high that – with time - the flow of water will not be smooth. Rinse these particles thoroughly to ensure that your gutters are working well.

How regularly do you clean the gutters?

Your gutters need to be cleaned often. As already noted, dirty downspouts and gutters can adversely affect the flow of water from your gutters to the downspouts. You need to ensure that during the spring season, your gutters are clean to avoid clogged drains when it snows or rains.

Trim all surrounding trees

Are there surrounding limbs and trees in your home? Shaded roof areas offer better grounds for the growth of algae and mold. Untrimmed tree limbs and foliage around your home can lead to the accumulation of dirt in your gutters and affect its functionality. To ensure that the gutters are in tip-top shape, take some time during spring to clear off any surrounding trees.

Taking care of gutters is important. You need to ensure they are in good shape for a lengthened life expectancy. At times, there are issues associated with gutter maintenance and repair that you may not know about. It is always a good idea to consult an expert in the gutter system who can inspect the system, point out the problem areas and help you keep your gutters functioning optimally. Since there are so many companies and individuals out there in the market claiming to be experts in gutters, it is important to conduct through research before settling on any given individual or company.

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